Wednesday, October 19, 2011

make money, be happy

They say money does not buy happiness, but it sure does help :)   How many people can actually say that they are very happy with their current financial situation...  Me personally i do not know anyone that is.   To me its the same thing over and over.  People needing more money to pay bills, pay for groceries, not even have money for being able to go out.

What is someone to do to make more money?  work overtime at work, cut back on spending for personal  things/enjoyment, maybe a pay raise at work??  NOT HARDLY!   Starting your own business, look for ways to make money most likely.

It is a growing epidemic that everyone around the world is looking online to make money.   The number one question is where do you begin?  There is a gazillion of ways to make money online, personal affiliate, MLM (multilevel marketing) or buy and sell (e-bay)  You must ask yourself what is do you want to do.  At the end of the day what is it that is going to make you happy.  If your not happy with what your doing why are you even doing it?

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